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     Your guitar or bass should be an extension of your personality, a tool designed to make the most of your unique musical abilities, and that is what Conklin is all about. We work directly with you to create the exact guitar you have in mind…a one-of-a-kind professional instrument of the finest quality. At Conklin, each of us is dedicated to creating instruments of unsurpassed workmanship… instruments that push the envelope of conventional thinking and conventional standards. Conklin Guitars is a small, but highly experienced company dedicated to producing uncompromising instruments for discerning musicians. We aim to meet or exceed your highest expectations.

     Value is in the details; the little things that might not even be seen; taking the time to get to know you before we begin your instrument, listening to your wants and needs, giving each project the kind of care and attention it deserves, getting it right the first time, on time...that's what makes a Conklin worth the investment and worth the wait.

     Quality resounds in the construction and components. We use the world's most beautiful and durable exotic, hardwood tonewoods in your handmade instrument and outfit it with the most state-of-the-art hardware and componentry. Every Custom Conklin neck and body are designed, milled, glued, carved, routed, sanded and finished by hand in Bill Conklin's Springfield, Missouri guitar shop. The joinery is flawless, the attention to detail is meticulous and the end result is phenomenal. Rest assured, your Conklin Custom Shop guitar or bass will be World Class, Museum Quality and Professional Grade.
Send us your dream.

     A combination of your imagination and our craftsmanship—your Conklin will allow you to reach unexplored musical horizons and discover new avenues of expression and untapped potential within yourself. Feel free to send us an email with a complete list of your desired specifications for your dream machine and we’ll be happy to get back to you with a quote
Ask the Experts.

      If you need assistance with your design and hardware selection please don’t hesitate to email our friendly, knowledgeable staff. That’s what we’re here for!  "Contact Us"





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