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We turn good ideas... into great guitars!!!
Nick van Dyk Shaun Munday
Zack Uidl Santiago Dobles
Jozef Bobula Palo Roy Henderson
Charles Ekendahl Kelly Conlon
Dave Wood Paolo Sturiale
Pete Everett Jan Sturiale
Pete Rains Terrence Richburg
Ken Nagai Dante Fire
Luis Ardila Roberto Potenti
JAH David Jason Everett
Ken Liao Julian Usuga
Tom Covello Edo Castro
Tom Lippincott Stewart Mckinsey
Tony Marvelli Don Maloney
Eric Mauriello Bill Dickens
Fidel Arreygue Ron Pacheco
Freddie Louden JNTHN STEIN
Glenn Kindlmann Dr. Victor A. Buford
Keith Rouster German Pizano
Steve Kirchuk Pennal Johnson
George Dimitri Steve Ratchen
Nathan Lerohl Gary Smejkal
Bryant Waner Vincent Denis
Kevin Deitz Charley Cliff
Marius Tilton Tim Polzin
Mason Teed Eric Harrisson
Victor Wooten Gonzalo Gassol
Grzegorz Kosinski Georgi Georgiev


     Conklin doesn’t have the huge budgets that are often used to "buy" endorsers, hand out free equipment or sponsor major tours or clinics.

     These artists simply wanted an instrument as individual as they are and had the integrity to pay us to get them.

Now that's an      endorsement!!!

     We are very thankful for the loyalty and support of our owners and users. While you may not recognize every name, each artist has an important role in the creation of new music and often times, new types of instruments. 


    If you are listed in our Artist section and would like to update your information please send your updated info to us. If you are not listed in in our Artists section and would like to be considered for it please contact us with your information.

     We will post new profiles on a first-come basis and no offensive material of any kind will be posted. We reserve the right to edit or omit any portion at any time.