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     Oakland born and Brooklyn based, producer JNTHN STEIN is making lanky strides towards music's imaginative future. With a myriad of releases, Team Supreme credentials, the founding of music production company and record label Candid Music Group, collaborations and support with and from an extensive community of acclaimed musicians and producers, and a music degree from both Manhattan School of Music and them streets under his belt, and many instruments, styles, times, places and sentiments in his hands, JNTHN STEIN brings anything and everything together to give light to the fire in you.


JNTHN STEIN's Conklin Experience

     I discovered Conklin basses many years ago as a young kid, cruising the internet looking for inspiration. Eventually I stumbled upon a bass player by the name of Bill "The Buddha" Dickens playing 7 and 9 string Conklin basses, and he turned my imagination upside down completely. From then on I dreamt night and day of having my own custom Conklin 7 string, with the room and range in tone and pitch to travel through music freely. When I was 18 years old, fate finally answered and I bought the bass of my dreams, and the only bass I have needed since. I love this bass, from the butter-soft fingerboard, rich tone variety, cozy string spacing and bold body shape. The bass has inspired me to go beyond the conventions of being a bass player, from exploring the range of potential of the instrument itself to going into the horizon of electronic music's beat scene and beyond.