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Bryant Waner

     Bryant Waner is a working session bass player in Kansas City. Well versed in jazz, funk, blues, Latin, rock, and metal, Bryant keeps his schedule busy with a large portfolio of professional music acts.

     Over two decades ago, Bryant began his career as a bass player in blues and rock cover bands in Columbia, Missouri. He moved to Hollywood, California where he attended the esteemed Musician's Institute and studied with notable bass faculty Dominic Hauser, Putter Smith, and Alexis Sklarevski. Not only did Bryant graduate with honors but he also received a scholarship award from bass legend Stanley Clarke.

     After returning to the Midwest, Bryant attended the University of Central Missouri where he majored in Music Technology and Jazz/Commercial Studies. While there, Bryant worked at honing his craft with both the electric bass and the upright bass by performing as with the UCM Jazz Ensemble and as co-principal of the UCM Symphony Orchestra. Learning composition and arranging helped round out his arsenal of musical skills as he completed his Masters in Music.

     Bryant can be found around Kansas City playing gigs most weekends. Also, he is a session musician with multiple blues and jazz groups around town, subbing in Titanium Blue, Groove 101, The Dave Panico Quintet, The Christopher Jon Trio, and the C.J. Walker Trio. In the rock and metal world, Bryant plays in the 90's rock trio Been Broken and the modern metal band Tyrant Sun. When pursuing his own interests Bryant can be found playing around town in his jazz collective Vertigo and his gothic opera/electronic group Discord.

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Bryant Waner's Conklin Experience

     I knew from the first moment I saw a Conklin 7 String bass I had to have one. I received my first Conklin Groove Tools Bass in 1999 and I have been playing them ever since. I don't even own any other basses, and frankly I have stopped looking. I love how they feel, I love how they play, and I love how they sound. It doesn't matter if I'm playing in a musical, a rock show or a Latin gig, they have the flexibility to do whatever I need. Slap comes easily for me on them as well as chords and tapping. I don't really need any other basses for any gig I get. Someday I hope to have a Conklin 9 string. I am proud to be a part of the Conklin family and always will be.