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Charles Axel Ekendahl

    Charles Axel Ekendahl began playing the guitar around the age of 12 in Spain. He was involved with numerous bands, playing gigs since the age of 13 and releasing several demos and CD’s since the age of 16 with bands like Mendacity, Para, and Aghora among others. Fascinated by the recording process, he decided to pursue a degree in Music Engineering at the University of Miami. With several of his own recordings under his belt and after an internship at Desmond Child’s studios, he took a break from school to focus on the Aghora debut album. Upon completion he returned to school but decided to switch to a Classical Guitar Performance degree. He graduated in ’04 and thereafter pursued a Masters which he obtained in ’06. Currently Charles is finishing a DMA degree in Classical Guitar. He has been teaching guitar seriously in the South Florida area for over 7 years and is still active as a member of Mendacity, a recording engineer, and most recently a record label owner (Vinland Records).

     Charles was introduced to Conklin guitars through Santiago during the Aghora debut recording. After custom ordering a Conklin of his own he has never looked back and even had another custom Conklin finished for him in ’08.