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Charley Cliff

     Born and raised in Montmagny (Canada) under the name of Charles Lamontagne, Charley discovered his passion for the bass guitar at the age of 20. Charley tried out for many bands with no compatibility success. His unique tapping style forced him to play on his own. After he completed the study of many pieces and techniques manuals, he decided to write his own songs.

     Due to a lack of strings on the majority of his basses, he decided to buy a Groove Tools 7 string bass. There he discovered a remarkable sound and very good playability.

     He then built his own studio following the advice of his good friends Mario Lemelin and David Simard. It’s in this studio that he recorded his first album «Free Bass» on which he composed and recorded all the instruments. On this album Charley experimented with a lot of music styles. He has also noticed that the crowds like the groove trance sort of music more than all other songs. He’s now back in his studio where he’s working on a second album that is expected for autumn 2009.

     It’s in the music of Less Claypool, Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius and Alain Caron that Charley has found his inspiration .Funky and melodic at the same time, his album brings us into a contemporary world. With his new songs he flirts with trance and techno. You can get a taste of his work at myspace page.

     Cliff then joined the progressive hard rock band Kaodic. They discovered Charley during a show in Montreal. Charley is fully developing his tapping style in a band which he has never done before. Kaodic will release their demo in Winter of 2009.