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Dominik Chwalek

     I�m Dominik Chwalek the guitarist of the Frankfurt Metal Band 'SomeVade' ( Experimental Metal), (we are finishing our first album soon.)

     Some years ago, I started to play the guitar when my mother gave me an acoustic guitar. Only one week passed, until I got my first electric guitar. Since this moment, there is nothing else for me in the world. My influences reach from Black Metal up to Alternative Rock, so there is a big spectrum of styles - just listen to my band 'SomeVade'!

     Two years ago, I visited Luxemburg for a weekend, where I found a little music-shop. I asked for a 7 string guitar, and the shop assistant showed me the Conklin GTG7. It was the first time, I heard of a brand called 'Conklin' and started to play some chords unplugged. Immediately, I loved the guitar�s neck, and plugged in into an amp. 10 Minutes later, I walked out of the shop with a new guitar. The Conklin GTG 7 convinced me in every respect. The guitar is easy to play, has a beautiful neck and sounds like hell - or like heaven. It�s up to you!