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Edo Castro 9 String Custom Shop Bass

Edo Castro 8 String Fretless Conklin Custom Shop Bass


Edo Castro Playing His Custom Shop Zebrawood 7 String Bass


Edo Castro Custom 7 String MIDI Bass

Edo Castro

     Accomplished composer and innovative bassist, Passion Star Records artist Edo Castro has a gift that transforms the sound of unique multi-stringed basses into a palate from which intricate compositions are drawn. Castro lures the listener to embark on an amazing and stirring journey. He has been described as “very expressive – from ethereal to grooving – great writing and playing;” and his fan base spans the globe. In the last 15 years, Castro has contributed to over 20 albums including two solo efforts released to wide acclaim: Edo (2001) and Phoenix (2006), a natural atmospheric expansion and evolutionary outgrowth of his debut release.

     Castro frequently finds himself sought after to perform and record with local Bay Area musicians, among them Ian Doogle, Deborah Winters, Jill Knight, Eva Jay Fortune, Paul Van Wageningen, Caroline Aiken, Dan Zinn, Michael La Macchia, Armando Peraza, Caren Armstrong, Percy Howard, Mike Molenda, Deborah Pardes, David Sobel, Stu Hamm, Lorn Leber, George Brooks, etc. During his tenure in Chicago he also had the pleasure of performing with David Amram, Mark Walker, Hassan Kahn, Pete Cosey, Roy Haynes, Fareed Haque, David Onderdonk, Nick Kitsos, Ed Thigpen, Johnny Griffin, Joe Sonnefeldt, Stu Greenspan, Bethany Pickens and Jim Trompeter. Castro once sat in on a set with percussion legend Roy Haynes who later said “When you’re in town, give me a call.”

     Edo has recently worked and collaborated with Michael Manring,Percy Jones, David Friesen, Al Caldwell, Steve Erquiaga, Chris Cardonne and Grammy award winning Mark Isham on his latest CD entitled "Sacred Graffiti."

Edo Castro's Conklin Experience

          I first discovered Conklin Basses in Bass Player Magazine some time around 1989-91. I do remember clearly when I opened the page for the Giveaway Contest to win a 7 String Conklin Bass. (New Century Model?) I was stunned. I meticulously tore the page out, entered the contest and taped the page on my wall. I hadn't seen anything as beautiful as that bass. Inasmuch as I visualized and wished, I didn't win the bass.

          Despite not winning the giveaway contest, it was at that moment Conklin Basses became the BMW of bass guitars for me: Stylish,Sexy and unique in appearance. And because I was looking for a bass that could handle 7 strings this was a dream come true because Bill Conklin was one of the first to revolutionize the multi-string bass.

          It wasn't much later that I finally got a Conklin Bass. Well truth be told I was fortunate enough to get several Conklin Basses. Their designs and innovations have paved the road for other builders.
          Bill and Mike have been great to work with. They're both sticklers for detail and above all just great guys.

          I've owned & played many other basses but for me my Conklins are always my first choice for any playing situation because of their overall sound,unique look,feel and playability. Their 7 String sidewinder bass w/the bolt-on neck design is by far the most outstanding instrument to date and my personal favorite. I used my 7 string fretted and Fretless Conklins on my first CD entitled "Edo". For my 2nd CD "Phoenix" I used my 9 and 7 string Conklins along with my Midi 6 String Bill made for me."

Edo's Conklin Basses include:
2 Custom GT 7 (Fretted and Fretless)
1 Custom Sidewinder 7 String Fretless (Neck-Through)
1 Custom Sidewinder 7 String Walnut Fretted
1 Custom Sidewinder 7 string Zebrawood Fretted
1 Custom Sidewinder 9 String PurpleHeart
1 Custom Sidewinder 8 String Fretless Walnut
1 MEU 5 String (In progress)
1 GT Artist Rocco Prestia 4 string


Quotes about Edo Castro

     "Castro’s signature sound is of course his musicality. His use of the bass as a melodic instrument and as a leading instrument, is unique and intriguing. He certainly has the ability as a composer to adequately and appropriately spotlight his skills on the bass, and he has the chops as an instrumentalist to back up this spotlight on an instrument that isn’t accustomed to this role. Finally, he has the foresight as an arranger to create the perfect background cushion for his melodic statements." - Dave Miele, Jazz Improv Magazine

     "Castro is much more concerned with mood and texture, not to mention melody, than with extroverted, chops-flashing bravado." - Kai Horsthemke -

     "Edo Castro's passion for music in general and the electric bass guitar in specific are undeniable! Edo spent many years as a disciplined self-taught bassist before attending Chicago's American Conservatory of Music where he received a Bachelor of Music degree. Since returning to his beloved Berkeley, CA he has graced dozens of recordings – often with his 7 and 9-string instruments – and he has shared stages with artists such as Ed Thigpen, Fareed Haque, Pete Cosey, and Roy Haynes!" - Brent-Anthony Johnson - Bass Musician Magazine


Edo Castro Custom Shop 7 String Bass


Edo Castro with Custom Shop 9 String Bass


Edo Castro Custom Shop 7 String Bass with Walnut Top