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Eric Harrisson

     Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on a cold winter day in 1978, Eric Harrisson was influenced by music since childhood. Both his parents enjoyed music. His mother sang in a choir while his father listened to bands such as Black Sabbath, Nazareth, Alice Cooper, The Who, CCR, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. At the age of 15, he started to play guitar. The young musician showed an affinity for bass tones. This had not gone unnoticed by his guitar instructor, who encouraged him to pursue the bass instead. Within a week, he had purchased his first bass.By age 16, Harrisson began writing his own songs. What had began as experimentation on a four-track recorder, turned into a love affair with songwriting.

     In 1997, he met Heaven’s Cry guitarist and vocalist, Pierre St-Jean. St-Jean took him under his wing, and brought much needed discipline and structure to the aspiring musician’s craft. St-Jean, and Heaven’s Cry’s progressive style and odd-time signatures heavily influenced Harrisson’s music. In November 1998, St.-Jean collaborated with Harrisson to record his first “real” demo piece called “Fall into the Light”. Harrisson eventually joined his first band, a Blues band called Tailgate.

     In April 2003, Harrisson joined Ronn Pifer, Stelyanos Zambaras and Konstatinos Karabatsos in Hades Divide, a local heavy metal band. Hades Divide was a blend of hardcore, funk, progressive and heavy metal music. Harrisson left the band to start another project, Cybrsun, with Sebastien Hubert on guitars in late 2005. Guillaume Leger joined them in June 2007 but the band broke up in January 2008.

     Harrisson is now the full time bass player for AraPacis, a Gothic, Progressive Metal band from Montreal with female lead vocals.