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Fidel Arreygue

     Fidel Arreygue has been the bassplayer for the Famous Mexican Songwriter ¨Marco Antonio Solís¨ since 1995, touring with him in the most important places over Latin America, USA, Canada and Spain year round.

     In his professional career Fidel lead another project. ”Blue Hour Band” (Jazz) is the perfect way to create solid bass lines and solos. “Bassico” (Fusion) was made with the idea of two or more bass players performing at the same time like leaders, not only in the rhythm section, but as also a melodic, harmonic instrument, improvising parts and “Goo Gol Plex.” (Experimental Rock Fusion) excellent to roll the mind, experiment with sounds, textures, colors.

     He played almost every bass on the market you can think of, but needed a bass with its own personality, looking for the Fidel Arreygue Sound. The Sidewinder 5 string custom bass provides exactly that for him.

     “My Sidewinder 5 string bass is the most Personal Instrument, Beautiful Look, Excellent Feel and Amazing Sound!!!”

     “I Love My Conklin Bass!!!”