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Fidel Arreygue

     Fidel Arreygue has been the bassplayer for the Famous Mexican Songwriter �Marco Antonio Sol�s� since 1995, touring with him in the most important places over Latin America, USA, Canada and Spain year round.

     In his professional career Fidel lead another project. �Blue Hour Band� (Jazz) is the perfect way to create solid bass lines and solos. �Bassico� (Fusion) was made with the idea of two or more bass players performing at the same time like leaders, not only in the rhythm section, but as also a melodic, harmonic instrument, improvising parts and �Goo Gol Plex.� (Experimental Rock Fusion) excellent to roll the mind, experiment with sounds, textures, colors.

     He played almost every bass on the market you can think of, but needed a bass with its own personality, looking for the Fidel Arreygue Sound. The Sidewinder 5 string custom bass provides exactly that for him.

     �My Sidewinder 5 string bass is the most Personal Instrument, Beautiful Look, Excellent Feel and Amazing Sound!!!�

     �I Love My Conklin Bass!!!�