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George N. Dimitri

     "My Conklin odyssey began in 2000 with the purchase of my first GT-7 on a whim off the wall of Guitar Center in Towson, Md. A whole new world opened before my eyes, as my previous bass playing experiences were limited to the 5 string variety. With the 7 string, I could now venture into new and uncharted territory. Soon, chording and high end soloing were added to my repertoire of rock, funk, slap & pop, and groove playing. The different tonal levels were beautiful. I could not believe this was a stock instrument. It just seemed like it was made for me the moment I strapped it on, plugged it in, and played and my high from that epiphanal moment has not subsided.

     The next chapter of my Conklin odyssey occurred in 2006 with the purchase of my second GT-7 and the latest chapter in 2007 with the acquisition of my Custom shop 7-string fretless.

     I am available for fill-in gigs, studio session, and private lessons for beginner and intermediate players. I am currently putting together a chord book for the 7 sting bass and hope to have it published within the next year.

     You can catch these babies in action with my band Alive-n-Kickin' or my personal MySpace page. Also I can be contacted through the media below.