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German Pizano

     Played music for 22 years. Started playing at age 10, learned to play by ear soon after. Although my first instrument was a guitar, I always wanted to play bass. This was influenced by Gene Simmons of KISS since I loved Rock music since age 4. Finally got my first bass at age 13, just what the doctor ordered. One month after that, I joined my first band "Stonehenge". I was still influenced by Rock music and the technical aspect of playing. I wanted to be able to play with the technical prowess of all of my influences at the time. It was this hunger for technique which led me to Jazz music. Jazz opened up my ears and mind/soul to a new way of feeling music. Jazz showed me how to feel Romance, Sadness, Happiness, and all of the emotions any person would feel in life. It was then clear to me that I was meant to play how I felt, and those who heard my music would not only hear the music, but feel it as well.

     So with time, I honed my skills further and was able to apply this theory to all styles of music.

     In Taniq, the current group I play with, my approach is the same, but when I play this group's style, I want the listener to feel the funk, to feel the soul, to feel the emotion we are feeling. I connect my soul, mind and instrument as one entity to let my soul talk through my bass. My custom made Conklin 7-String Sidewinder Bass plays an important role in this connectivity. It allows me to stay in "The Zone". With it's Zebra top, Maple body, 7-Piece Neck-Thru construction, and Bartolini pickups, this bass gives me that "Holy Grail" tone I was looking for. It also can produce a wide spectrum of other tones I can use for different projects. One bass by Conklin does it all.

     In 2005 I began playing for the genius and internationally known artist named Chinbaa. A famous Mongolian pianist/composer who came to Chicago to pursue the American dream of American stardom. Shortly after recording on his album "Immortality" I went on tour with Chinbaa to promote the album.

     In 2006 I began playing for the Asian pop sensation of SweetYmotion. Again I was fortunate to have recorded on their self titled album "SweetYmotion" and again fortunate enough to tour with them as well.
Also in 2006 I was hired by the Chicago producer John Steele to record music for a video game project. This was a very challenging and fun project and one of my favorite studio experiences to date.

     In 2007 I was blessed to be able to play bass for a benefit show with the American Idol Crystal Bowersox. She is a total pro and down to earth real person. I am glad she got the break she was working so hard for. Crystal, go on with your bad self and keep rockin n rolling.

     In 2010 I got a call from an old former band mate of mine, Nick Kapka, and he asked me to join Karlye Lapetina as their bassist. We played all over Chicago including House of Blues, Joe's on Weed Street in which we opened up for Little Big Town and later for Katie Quick, Taste of Chicago, and Hard Rock Cafe. We also recorded with Karlye on her latest album release called Follow the Sun. We also made an appearance on the WGN Show with Karlye to support the album and promote upcoming shows.

     Finally I got my best gig of all time for a lifetime, fatherhood. My son Gabriel Vicente Pizano was born on July 14th 2011.

     The pages of my music career will keep turning and as I reach new chapters, I will keep you posted.
Keep and eye out for my new website coming soon.

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