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Glenn Kindlmann

I am as much a musician who happens to play bass as I am a "bassist" per se. As a singer-songwriter who plays several instruments, I'm ideally looking for a certain combination of distinct sound and versatility in all the various tools I use to compose and perform music-- and I keep coming back to my Conklin GT-7 time and time again. With its extended range and clear tone, this bass definitely deserves to be called "the piano of bass guitars."

On a basic level, the GT-7 is a great compositional tool-- you do in fact have two thirds of a piano right there in your hands. But in loftier terms, my Conklin is a remarkable conduit for inspiration. Whether I'm looking to craft a thunderously low bassline, or a melody and harmony parts, or even chords, I have all I need on one neck. Musical ideas come easily and flow freely. Every time it comes out of its case, this bass is a simply a joy work with.

And so is Conklin Guitars— all of my inquiries over the years have been handled in a prompt, affable manner, giving me the sense that the folks at Conklin have never become too busy or “important” to communicate with Joe Public. To a large extent, my comfort and confidence in owning a Conklin instrument comes from trusting that this interface with Bill Conklin et al will always exist as durably (and “play” as smoothly) as my GT-7 itself. Keep up this very good work, guys!