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Grzegorz Kosinski

     Grzegorz Kosinski (born August 27, 1985 in Gliwice, Poland) - polish bass player, occurring mainly solo, specializing in the two-handed tapping technique.

     Kosiński performs classical music and works to combine a mixture of rock and metal, as well. Besides his own works, his repertoire includes a wide range of artists such as J.S.Bach, F. Chopin, L.v.Beethoven, Metallica or the neoclassical guitarist Y.Malmsteen. Having such an array of genres, his performances are held in large open-air stages, festivals, theatres, artistic events, rock pubs, jazz clubs and even prisons and churches. He performs in Poland and abroad.

     Grzegorz Kosiński is also a session musician, and paid composer- who writes his own music for the 7-stringed Conklin bass guitar, which is, in fact, the first and only instrument in his “band”. Creating his unusual style, his innovative approach to the instrument brings his unique sound to the music world. Using techniques like the two-handed tapping method as well as his own, the two combined resulted in his characteristic way of playing for classical guitarists. He took piano and acoustic guitar lessons as a teenager. On stage, Kosiński uses bass multi-effects, a drum machine and loop station, allowing him to be a single team yet extract an avalanche of sounds live. In addition to the usual techniques for his instrument, he imitates with his Conklin bass the keyboards, strings, acoustic and overdriven electric guitars.

     Having performed alongside famous polish musicians, such as Artur Gadowski (IRA) and Grupa MoCarta, his worldwide popularity grows. Owing largely to the YouTube films, which he regularly uploads.


Grzegorz Kosinski