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JAH David

     David “JAH David” Goldfine has been touring and recording his GT-4 all over the world for 20 years. JAH David has operated his own record label “Zion High Productions” for over 15 years and they have released over 20 albums in the Reggae genre. He has been nominated for a Grammy in Reggae for his work on the Snoop Lion “Reincarnated” album. JAH David has recorded on over 100 albums for various labels and artists.

     JAH David has faithfully played Conklin Basses exclusively for his whole career. David states,  “No other bass gives me my sound like Conklin.” “I can simply plug in and play with full confidence in any live or studio environment with my Conklin.” See JAH David and his Conklin on the road now with Jah9 & The Dub Treatment.

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