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Jason Everett

     Jason Everett (aka Mister E) is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer who plays a variety of stringed and percussive instruments including his custom Conklin seven-string fretless bass guitar, electric upright bass, and an electric sitar of his own design. Jason attended Northern Arizona University on a full scholarship for music and started playing professional gigs at sixteen years old.

     Jason is the past executive director of Vashon Allied Arts, and a past member of the King County Arts Commission (now 4 Culture).  He is currently a firefighter/EMT and the CEO of Mister E Productions a world music production and management company that represents among other artists: Tarana, Andre Feriante, The Bohemian Entourage and Tal Maya. 

     He released a solo album of Indian influenced world music under the name Tal Maya on his own label in 2010 and just produced and released a new CD entitled, Waves of Sound with his world fusion band, Tarana.  In addition to his solo work and playing with Tarana, Jason has recently performed with Andre Feriante (Spanish/Classical) Avaaza (upbeat Mediterranean); Amrita, Mandali, Gina Sala' (Kirtan); Shoruk (Arabic); Ancient Sounds (World); The Yoginis (Indian Fusion); and Deseo Carmin (Flamenco Rock).

     Jason's music is currently being played on Brian Bromberg's Bass on the Broadband dot Com and local Seattle radio stations.  Tarana is currently ranked #2 on the World Music Charts in the Seattle area.

Statement about Using Conklin Instruments

"After years of playing a five-string fretless bass, I felt compelled to expand my range as a soloist and started looking at six-string basses.  During that search, I found Conklin Guitars and their work in ERBs, particularly the seven-string bass.  I purchased one and it has changed my musical world.  I was so impressed I bought two!"

What People Are Saying about Jason Everett and Tarana's
New CD, “Waves of Sound.”

     "Great musicianship and a beautiful mix of tone colors."  
~ Matthew Montfort Founder of World Fusion Group, Ancient Future

     “There are only few bass players in the world having the unique sound and touch on fretless bass like Jason Everett. Tarana’s new CD is beautifully is unique but accessible...classical yet innovative....soothing and exciting at the same time.” 
~ Aydin Can Kutluay, (aka Katipzade) 
Turkish Producer, Film Score Composer and Flamenco guitarist.

     "Interesting compositions with inspired playing and nice combinations of sounds. The bass player Jason Everett plays his fretless with taste, using well the space he finds in this world music ensemble."
~ Yves Carbonne, French Bass Innovator

     “Beautiful Music!! I love the Fusion of so many passionate styles of music!! Great Bass Sound!! Change the World!!!”
~ Bassist Al Caldwell

"Jason’s impressive bass work will dazzle, but his playing transcends the instrument to become a pure source of expression. His compositions are equally full of wonder and atmosphere for a sonic journey. A top notch musician!" ~ Kevin Johnson NoTreble

“I just saw your video and love it, and your Bass sounds great!” ~ Bill Dickens

"I just checked out your vid man, you're sick! brilliant playing and sound.  That bass is beautiful beyond words.” ~ Or Lubianiker

“A Wonderful Bassist to Check out!” ~ Bass Frontiers Magazine

"Hey Jason, I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that I just love what you are doing and wish you much success with your music. I especially love what you're doing with the fretless Conklin 7 string bass. Magnificent in terms of application and creativity. As a 7 string Conklin player myself, you are an inspiration and I look forward to your future musical endeavors. Peace and respect." ~ Al West

"I really like what you do Jason, the world would be a poor place without your beautiful music, lead the charge my exotic bass brother, I would follow you over the edge of the world!" ~ Stacey Carras

“Amazing composition and outstanding playing Jason!” ~ Jesus Rico Perez

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