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Jozef Bobula

Sammi George

     Jozef Bobula snaps, he crackles, he pops across the stage like a man possessed.  And he is possessed—by the heart of the bass.

     Originally from Prievidza, Slovakia, Jozef has earned every lick his six strings can crank out.  At 20 years old, he picked up a bass and taught himself to play. Soon after, Jozef attended Pink Jazz Festival in Dallas and Los Angeles, and two years later, he was enrolled in the music program at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth.

     While at Wesleyan, Jozef  performed studio work, restaurant gigs, weddings, musicals, concerts, and even events like the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In April 2003, he received the Outstanding Solo Performance Award at the UNT Addison Jazz Festival.  Also in 2003, he released his debut solo album “Letters from the Virtual Universe.”  And in 2001, Jozef joined the nationally-recognized Christian pop/rock group “Destination Known” with whom he went on to record three albums. In 2007, Jozef earned a Master of Arts in Music Performance from UT Arlington.  Shortly thereafter he packed up and moved to Vegas, where he now resides.  He is playing numerous shows, with his own jazz trio, with Lisa Smith as duo and many other artists.

     "My experience with the Conklin company has always been outstanding. From their quick replies to any of my questions, they took my drawings and transformed them into beautiful pieces of art.  Both basses were exactly as I designed and to this day they attract people when I play them for their look and sound…Not to mention how much I enjoyed their strings as well…I have never seen tapered bass strings up to D string before I played theirs and I will never go back! Thank You guys!!!"

Jozef Bobula's custom 6 String Bass with custom designed melted top


Jozef Bobula's Custom 6 String Bass with Quited Maple Top and Back

Jozef Bobula's Custom 6 String Bass Red