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Julian Usuga

     Colombian bassist and composer born March 19, 1981 in Medellin Colombia, is a session musician in the interpretation of various musical genres, Professor at several universities and academies of Colombia, he has participated in more than 30 musical productions, including bassist and arranger.

Julian discovered his penchant for music in 1997, when he began his musical studies at the University of Antioquia and later applied that knowledge as a music teacher in different universities and academies in the city. Since that time he has served as arranger, composer, music producer, guitarist, pianist and musical director for various groups throughout the city. Highly accomplised at interpreting different musical genres; Julian has hosted more than 40 electric bass clinics throughout the country and is currently developing his first electric bass method, level 1.

     He has participated in numerous important musical projects such as tributes to international groups and opening for large concert acts like: De Kshatriyas (rock), Sonora Rock (hard rock, pop, glam, etc.), Kanu (folk music), Temple (pop rock), Jazz Trio band (jazz, blues), Night Spirit (Rock Tribute Game International Kraken), Daniel Serna - solo (pop rock), JuanMunera -soloist (pop rock), Manuel Lopez - soloist (Colombian music, pop rock and social song), Hugo Restrepo (rock and blues guitarists Festival 2006), Cesar Mejia (progresivo- hard rock guitarists Festival 2004-2005-2006), Betho Julian Project (progressive rock), Gloria Trevi (Mexico) (ballad, pop rock) bassist and co-founder of Steel White, JHONDA, refugees, NEUS, KENOXIZ BAND BETWEEN HEARTS, SHADES GROUP, SOUTH SIDE JAZZ among others. Also a member of the Venezuelan group 1050 Km ,. bassist MUSICAL DIRECTOR of tribute to CAMILO SESTO and has participated in clinics with international bassists Tom Kennedy.

     Currently he also develops his solo production, exploring jazz and all styles, which will be at the end of 2016., He has the support of great musicians from Colombia and the United States such as Mauricio ESTRADA (drums), JOSE TOBON (Saxo), LUIS FERNANDO FRANCO (Flute), ESTEBAN POGANI, ARGENTINA (Piano), ED LOZANO, USA (Guitar) Casey Dicken, USA (Trumpet).


Julian Usuga's Conklin Experience

     I recall it was about 2002 when a freind and fellow bassist, LUIS ARDILA told me that he had bought a Conklin 7-string electric bass. Thoughts of that amazing bass and the desire to meet him stayed with me until the day I went home and had a chance to see this wonderful creation. I was surprised when I saw it, and even more impressive when I heard its sound, I immediately said, someday I will have a CONKLIN.

     It took over 10 years to reach the dream of having a machine of this size, finish, wood, cut, sound and comfort, but it was then I understood that I had found my sound as a musician and bassist, The quality of this instrument is impressive. After years of searching for my sound, Conklin gives me the certainty of what I want in this great example of a 7-string bass; it is a work of art. I hope at some point to get another Conklin 7-string electric bass like this excellent creation.

     Conklin is definitely the best, no doubt the majesty of these artworks. I am very happy to represent the Conkin brand in Colombia and Latin America and want to thank them for providing musicians with these dream creations.

     With great respect and gratitude to Bill and Mike. Peace and prosperity for you and your families,