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Keith Rouster

     Keith is an artist with the creative style and flexibility to set trends, not merely follow them. He has performed on a string of hits from Michael Jackson, to the Temptations, to Lionel Richie, to Tupac Shakur, to his credit.

     He first came on the scene at age 19 performing with artists such as Rene' and Angela, Teena Marie and jazz artist Dan Siegel to name a few. Besides being a much sought after bass player, he has excelled in his own right and continued to write and produce. He has had much success in this field.

     Keith is a multi-talented artist, with skIlls which still haven't been tapped as of yet. He wrote the song "A Little Bit of Lonely" which was on the Temptations' Grammy winning 2000 release 'Ear-Resistable." He is currently working on the debut CD release of new pop artist Amanda and the R&B release of Rene' entitled ‚ÄúStreet Songz."

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