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Kelly Conlon playing his GT-7 Groove Tools by Conklin 7 string bass
Kelly Conlon's Conklin New Century Series 5 String Bass

Kelly Conlon

     Kelly is a session player, studio and touring musician. His playing wields so much power, not only rhythmically but melodically and visually as well.

     Hailing from New York, Kelly cut his teeth on Jazz, Motown and Progressive Rock as a kid. Playing not only the bass guitar, he is also skilled at playing the baritone, trombone, trumpet, drums and basically all things rhythm. When it came time to bite though, he really sunk his fangs into all things metal.

     In his teens, Kelly moved to “the soon to be Death Metal capital of the world”, Florida. He was part of a scene that was taken right out of the chronicles-of-metal. It stirred a record label feeding frenzy and produced some of the most influential bands in metal history! Two of those bands have featured none other than Kelly himself, most notably, DEATH and MONSTROSITY.

     DEATH: “Symbolic”
( ranks this album as the 7th greatest extreme-metal album and the 58th greatest heavy metal album of all time).

     MONSTROSITY: “Millinnium” & “In Dark Purity”
(A spawning ground for some of the greats in Death Metal, such as George “Corpsegrinder” now in Cannibal Corpse.)

     FIRES OF BABYLON: “Devilution”
(Recorded for Metal Heaven.) Also featuring, vocalist Rob Rock of the bands Impellitteri & MARS-MacAlpine, Aldridge, Rock, Sarzo. Guitarist Lou St. Paul of Winter's Bane,
and Drummer Rob Falzano of Annihilator/Shatter Messiah.

Kelly Conlon playing his New Century Series 5 string bass on stage.

Kelly states:
     “I recommend a Conklin to any player looking for a high-end bass. I’ve been playing Conklin basses since 2002 and have never turned back! If you see me on the road playing a gig, just ask me, and I’ll let ya’ check out my Conklin. I first saw one hanging on the wall of a local music store and had to play it! It felt like it was made for me. The neck is made to precision and its very comfortable on the hands. The playability is outstanding and the sound is incredible!

     Let's not forget the killer soap bar pick-ups in these beasts!
The woods round out the tones and the finishes really compliment the bass’ shape.
Bill and Mike at Conklin Guitars have been a great team to work with and they get me what I need to meet MY specifications.”

When not performing with his Conklins:
     Kelly can be found slappin, tappin & shreddin his way through learning everything he possibly can regarding his craft.

This American bass player’s weapons of choice:
Custom 5-String New Century Series
Conklin 5-String Groove Tools
Conklin 7-String Groove Tools

The next bass on Kelly’s wish list:
A Conklin 6-String

Kelly Conlon says:
"The bass guitar is no longer the least noticed instrument."







Kelly Conlon with jamming with his New Century Series 5 string bass