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Ken Liao


     Ken is currently the bassist for the Austin, TX based metal band Course of Ruin. Course of Ruin is a brutally heavy band in the vain of Killswitch Engage, Fear Factory and Meshuggah. They currently have a five song EP available and are working on a full length album.

     Ken has been playing bass since 1991, starting off on a 4 string, being influence by bassists such as Metallica's Cliff Burton and Iron Maiden's Steve Harris. After listening to bass players like John Myung of Dream Theater, he moved on to a 5 string and soon after a 6 string. When he wanted to get his hands on a 7 string bass, his first and only thought was Conklin. "I wanted to match the range and versatility of a seven string guitar. The GTBD-7 allows me to fully double the guitars if needed. I don't know if my next bass will be an 8 string, but I know it will be a Conklin!"      


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