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Ken Nagai

     Ken Nagai was born November 8th ,1974 in Osaka ,Japan.

     K. Nagai started to play the Electric Guitar at the age of 15 ,and converted to play the Electric Bass at the age of 18.

     He entered in Conservatoire SHOBI in Tokyo at the age of 19 , and
studied music theory ,improvisation ,compose ,harmony , & playing to Contrabass. At the same time , he started the studio works ,support of many musicians , musical , opera , and his session live.

     In 2004 ,he formed his own band “TRAFFIC INFORMATION”. In 2009 , TRAFFIC INFORMATION released the first album [Round 1] from Universal Music Japan.

     In 2012 ,we are going to release to the second album. All songs were composed and produced by himself.

     He performs not only in his band ,but also plays solo performance with six ,seven eight strings bass and piccolo bass.

     Also ,he teaches the young musicians at some music colleges and his own studio.

     His target is to develop new possibility of the Electric Bass !!



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