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Marius Tilton

     Marius Tilton has been playing the bass guitar since he was 13 when his mother bought him his first 4 string bass from Sears. When he was 17 years old he saved up enough for a 5 string bass. In 1999 he saw Victor Wooten in Concert at Tulane University in New Orleans and fell in love with Conklin. He purchased his own Conklin 7 string bass a couple of years after that concert.

     Marius moved to Georgia after Hurricane Katrina, finished Southern University on a scholarship for music and is now a Music Education Major, teaching music in Rockdale, Georgia ( just outside of Atlanta ) and playing bass for the group Waterseed, which tours extensively all over the southeast. His Conklin is a major part of him and they are rarely seen apart from each other, sometimes Marius even falls asleep still holding his Conklin.