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Mark Michell

      Mark Michell, a young new talent to the music scene, is best known for his work with the quickly-rising progressive metal band Tetrafusion (Nightmare Records). Influenced by bass icons such as Metallica's Cliff Burton, Dream Theater's John Myung, and Rush's Geddy Lee, Mark incorporates melodic, jazz-influenced playing with a virtuostic edge to utilize the full range of his Conklin GTBD 7 String bass, which he showcased on Tetrafusion's sophomore effort "Altered State". "After selling my very first four string, I felt a five-string was the perfect bass for me to progress in my playing with", says Mark, "A few years later, I couldn't help but notice all of the positive praise surrounding Conklin, and felt confident to invest in their products. Known for their specialty in extended-range instruments, I felt that settling with another 5 string bass wouldn't do justice, so I indulged with a Conklin 7 string bass and couldn't be happier with my choice. The versatility, tone, performance, and overall satisfaction from my instrument is beyond words. I can't wait to eventually design my own custom model. I encourage any player looking to expand their musical horizons to consider Conklin for their instrumental needs; I couldn't be happier!"

     Mark is primarily self-taught, and is coining his unique sound and style of playing with techniques such as four-finger-style picking, sweeping, tapping, and melodic chord-comping with harmonic lines. At age 20 after playing bass for six years, he has already developed his playing to a great extent from performing with Tetrafusion as well as high school, collegiate, and local jazz artists. Ever since beginning piano lessons at age five, he has aspired for and established a passion for music and plans to actively engage his career in music in the future.



Mark Michell in the Studio