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Mason Teed

     Born in the small town of Westville, Nova Scotia, Mason (Mace) Teed did not grow up on music like many musicians did. Through his childhood music was nothing more then a background sound which he paid little attention to. At age thirteen he discovered metal, and for the first time in life, music had hit him, and hit him hard. Soon after he began playing drums in a local band with his close knit group of friends, and this is where his love of music began. The next year Mace picked up the bass and stumbled across what could only be described as true love. With no lessons, musical knowledge, or people to show him the way, Mason discovered his own techniques and approach to bass, which is what makes his playing and writing style so unique today. Now with more years of experience under his belt, he brings his unique style into percussion, piano, and vocals, but still considers bass his main choice of instrument.

      In October 2008 Mason rejoined with his childhood friend, guitarist Justin Johnson, and close friends, Keyboardist Aaron Hayden and drummer Tim Henderson to form his latest project, The Wicker Casket. A progressive metal band with strong goth influences.

     On the side Mason is also working on material to record a solo album.

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Mason Teed's Conklin Experience 

     "When I set out for a custom bass, I knew it had to be a Conklin. After seeing some of there work I had no doubt this is where dreams come true, and now having one I know it was the perfect choice. The sound, playability, and the quality are unmatched by any bass I’ve had the pleasure to lay hands on. And the customer service was on a level I could not have imagined. Discussing ever detail as they build your dream instrument, to ensure it is exactly what you want. These guys are truly masters of their trade". 

Mason Teed Custom 5 String Bass