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Rob van der Loo

     My name is Rob van der Loo and I�m the bassist of the successful Dutch gothic rock band called Delain (Roadrunner Records). I�ve been part of the Conklin family for quite while now. It all began when I saw a picture of a Sidewinder in a magazine called Music Maker when Conklin Guitars won the prize for Most Innovative Bass of the Year.

     For me it was love at first sight! A few years later Bill and I met each other at the Musik Messe in Frankfurt Germany. This was the first time that I had the chance to lay my hands on a real Conklin 7 string. I was so amazed that I ordered my first GT-7 right away! I have been using my 7 string for many shows with my former prog metal band Sun Caged and used it on numberous of recordings, side projects and clinics for over the years.

     The story was complete when I sent Bill my design of my personal custom 9 string bass. I received quite some instruments through orders in my life but this one was the most exciting! When I opened the case and plugged it in I was completely stunned� Such incredible feel, look and (most important) sound!

     Like I told you before right now I�m mostly focused on my new band Delain. The music is much simpler than I used to do before and I only need about four strings to do my stuff. I have been looking for lots of new sounds and different basses for this band. But for the material of the follow-up album of our very successful debut album called Lucidity (released by Roadrunner Records in 2006) I will be using my big bad 9 again! We tried out some of the new stuff on stage and even our sound engineers were blown away by the crushing sound and stability of my 9 string buddy! So I say; Go heavy? Go Conklin!