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Roberto Potenti

     Roberto Potenti is a producer, bassist and guitar player for SKYLARK.

     With SKYLARK he reached the 3rd position of HMV Japan Rock & Pop Chart in June 2007 with the album "Divine Gates part III - The Last Gate". In January 2008 they are going to have one of the biggest Chinese Tour for Rock music playing all over China territory and concluding the tour playing with the Finland band Nightwish in Beijing and Shanghai.

     Skylark has just signed a deal with the American Label Renaissance Records, sited in Arizona. The Label will publish the North American version of "Divine Gates part 3: The Last Gate" on the 5th of February 2008. Renaissance Records will also print new versions of Fairytales and Wings, entirely revisited and remastered, scheduled for the next April.

Band: Founding member of SKYLARK (Rock)

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