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Ron Pacheco

     Ronald E. Pacheco Jr. is a Bassist, Musician, Songwriter from Southeastern Massachusetts and is certainly no musical snob.  His musical interests, tastes and abilities/skills run the gamut.

     A student of Providence Rhode Island's Bassist, Songwriter, Musician and Musical Instructor/Director, Willy "Mibbit" Threats, Ron went from being a self taught "play by ear" bass player who first picked up the bass at age 17 back in 1991, to an educated, well rounded musician with years of stage and studio experience under his belt. 

     Ron has recorded and performed with a myriad of well named/established Providence RI and Southeastern MA bands over the years.  Such acts include, Octopus Triangle, Third Shift Jazz, Planet 10, Fate's Cruel Joke, Ogma, Flashpoint, Spit and Fist in Face.

     As well as writing and performing with his solo Smooth Funk/Jazz Fusion project under the name of Ron Pacheco & The Seven Below Band he is also involved, writes and performs with Three Points of Madness and Kevin Williams & The Invisible Orphans.

     From Rock/Metal, Progressive, Jazz/Jazz Fusion, Funk, R&B, Soul, Blues, and Country and Western, there is something in his catalogue for everyone.

     Ron owns (1) Pre-owned Custom Conklin 11 String Soleil Bass, (The Lava Bass), (1) Pre-Owned Custom Conklin 9 String Sidewinder Bass, (The Jolly Rancher), (1) Pre-Owned Custom Conklin Fretless 8 String Sidewinder Bass, and (1) BDGT-7, with openness to future possible custom builds.


Ron Pacheco's Conklin Experience

     I remember the first time that I first saw a Conklin Bass.  My mom had the Oprah Winfrey Show on, and Chaka Khan was the musical guest. I happened to walk in the room when she was performing and since I liked her music, I decided to check it out. It was then I saw her bassist in her band playing that big monster. I had to count the tuning pegs twice to make sure I was seeing correctly, “7!!?? Since when did they make a 7 string bass?!!”, I said to myself, and the rest was history, after playing a 6 string for about 6 years or so, I had to have my own 7.

     I opted to drop the High F string in favor of the thunderous Low F# string. I always think bass first and I love DEEP full grooves. This bad boy added with the Low B and E produced the most fat, serious infectious grooves! It was only natural for me to now go with the Low C# when I first planned the building of my first 9 string with Bill and Mike. This time I also decided to add the High F as well to further the range of my bass fills/runs, chordal work and tapping.

     Conklin definitely has it ALL. I instantly fell in love with their basses when I took the GT-7 for a “test drive” at my local Guitar Center way back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.
     It not only is the most beautiful and stunning in look and design, but it is as equally beautiful and stunning in feel, comfort, sound, tone and playability!! I love how the neck is just so naturally contoured to fit in your fretting hand! It really makes playing such a big bass SO comfortable!

     After playing the Conklin, the answer was very clear. This was and is the only bass for me and the only brand I need. In my opinion, the only other bass out there other than a Conklin that is as great in quality and sound is a Fender, but sorry Fender, Conklin IS the best.

     Thanks so much Bill and Mike for all of your support and help.
Much Peace, Love and Respect,

Ronald E. Pacheco Jr.



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Ron Pacheco jamming with his custom 9 string bass