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Sammi George

     I have been playing/studying music since I was four. I played several instruments and excelled on bass and keyboards. I played string bass in high school and formed a show band in the 90's called HELLO DETROIT. From there I focused on freelancing and played with national acts such as Michelle Shocked.

     I am a studio musician, bass instructor and I am currently recording my first solo CD, WRITE AS RAIN. I am signed to Whalesound Records in Falmouth Maine and I am also their VP of Sales and Marketing.

Sammi George's Conklin Experience 

     I love my Conklin GTBD-7!

     For years I thought I wanted a Tobias. But when I researched extended range and chose a 7 string, I saw the GTBD-7 and bought it online even though I had never played one. Once the BIG BABY (my nickname for it) was in my hands I knew I had found my full time bass.

     My style is very melodic but since I am a freelance I need the versatility of tone control. I definitely have it all- the responsiveness, the action, any tone I may need. I now only need one bass for slap, playing chords and solos, my melodic's a dream. And it certainly gets a lot of attention where ever I play!