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Steve Kirchuk

     An accomplished multi-instrumentalist and digital musician, Steve sings and is the bass player for Jam-Bone, a New Jersey based jam-band. Steve plays a Conklin Bill Dickens model 7 string bass, which allows him to essentially double as a rhythm guitar player and a bass player, giving a robust punch and rhythmic foundation to the band.

     Steve: "It’s great to see the faces of people when they first hear us - they stare at the bass and start counting the strings with their fingers in the air"

     Steve has won numerous music competitions including, the American Songwriting Contest and digital music contests sponsored by Acid Planet and Thomas Dolby's Beatnik. In 1991 his virtual band "the Willies" was one of the finalists in the "best band on the net" competition.

     In addition to owning his own web design company and playing in Jam-Bone, Steve currently works part time helping disabled young adults create music in the Arts Access Program at the Matheny School in Peapack, NJ.

     Steve: "The Conklin 7-string has changed my life as a musician and artist ... it’s an amazing instrument to play"