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Tim Polzin

     Funk on everyone my name is Tim, I started out on the 4 string bass and also a 6 string bass. I also play doublebass. I love all types of music, anything that grooves. I’ve been through my share of bands. In Wisconsin, I played with bands Whitedragon and Badboy. I also recorded with a couple bands. I then ended up in Florida where I presently reside, playing the Agora circuit with the Truth, Wicked Sin, Rat Race and Heartless to name a few. Through years of going to the NAMM shows, clubs and music stores I got the chance to meet great people. Before I knew it I was on the road with some well known bands, not to mention friends; One of those being Beaver Felton, one of my best friends. I also got the chance to meet a lot of my idols like Stanley Clarke, Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, etc. to many too list. Believe it or not I got to meet Jaco the night he was taken from us, but that’s a story unto itself.

     The reason I’m on this website; I was reading a bass magazine, when I came upon a picture of the Sidewinder. I immediately called Conklin and asked if he could build me the beautiful teal 7 string in the picture. Well that started a long, great friendship. Bill did an excellent job. It took a while to get but since it was delivered back in 96 I haven’t put it down.Then I got a call telling me that the original 9 string made for Bill the Budda Dickens was for sale. Bill knew what a fan and the friendship I had with the Budda, I bought it on the spot. Anyhow, I can’t say enough about these instruments, they’re the best, I play each one daily, and Bill Conklin is a true and great luthier, him and his team. People ask me at all the time at shows, “What are you going to do with that?” meaning the basses. I just say “Sit back and let my fingers do the talking.” I look forward to my next Conklin. Ciao for now, God Bless!! Bill and Michele Conklin and Mike, keep slapping and popping.

Timmie Polzin!!!!!!!!!!!!!