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Tom Covello

     A graduate of Berklee College of Music, bassist Tom Covello resides in central Kentucky and actively free-lances with various local groups whose styles run the entire musical gamut.

     The quest for a unique voice in progressive jazz is what initially led Tom to Conklin Guitars and Basses. Realizing the extended range of the 7 string bass opened up a world of new chord voicings, harmonics and soloing capabilities, he contacted Conklin back in 2000. "It was amazing to get a response from Bill Conklin himself, and to receive one-on-one attention throughout the entire building process was something I just never expected. To this day, seven years later, the Bubinga 7 Bill and his company built for me plays perfectly and sounds absolutely incredible. I am now anxiously anticipating the completion of the 9 string Bill and Mike are putting together for me, and can't wait to see more jaws drop when everyone sees and hears it. Call me a Conklin Player for life!"