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Tom Lippincott

     8 string and 6 string guitarist and composer Tom Lippincott was born in New Jersey in 1966 and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In Tulsa, he took lessons with Randy Wimer before deciding to continue his studies in college. He received a bachelor's degree in jazz studies from the University of North Texas and a master's degree in jazz performance from the University of Miami. He has also studied with noted jazz guitarist and educator Mick Goodrick.

     Tom has performed throughout the world as a sideman, with his own groups, and as a solo performer. He currently leads the Tom Lippincott Trio. He has performed extensively as a session player, and his playing and/or compositions are featured on his 2000 CD Painting the Slow Train Brown as well as with the group Active Ingredient's 1990 CD, Extra Strength, and the Chassidic Jazz Project's Live At the Broward Center For the Performing Arts, among others.

     Tom teaches jazz guitar at Miami Dade College's Kendall campus, as well as at Florida International University in Miami. He also maintains his website, which has further information, photos, and sound clips as well as online lessons, essays, articles, and a schedule of upcoming appearances.

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Tom Lippincott's Conklin Experience

     I have owned and played my Conklin 8-string since 2001, and it has become my main guitar and what I would consider my musical voice.  Bill Conklin was very helpful and enthusiastic about my project, and his professionalism and expertise made conducting business with him a pleasure. My guitar was finished on time, and I was able to pick it up at Bill's shop in Missouri.  I enjoyed having the chance to meet Bill, a gracious host and really nice guy, and seeing where my guitar had been built.

     My 8-string has opened up a new musical universe for me, and I expect to spend the rest of my life attempting to master its intricacies.  I am extremely pleased with the skillful craftsmanship of the instrument, and I've always been thrilled with its sound, functionality, and appearance.