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Sidewinder Body Style 6 and 7 String Guitars with Quilted Maple Tops

Sidewinder Body Style

Bolt-On Neck with contoured Neck Heel

Bolt-On Neck

Hollow-Body 8 String Guitarw with Figured Walnut


36 Fret Multi-Scale (Fanned Fret) 8 String Guitar

Multi-Scale / Fanned Frets

Burl Maple 8 String Guitar

Solid Burl Maple Body

Custom Designed Melted Top 8 String Guitar

Melted Top

Spalted Maple Carved Top 6 String Guitar with Pizos and MIDI

Carved Top

Custom 8 String Guitar with Maple and Purpleheart Laminated Neck

Maple / Purpleheart Neck

Custom 9 String Guitar with Cocobolo Fingerboard

Cocobolo Fingerboard

Custom 8 String Guitar with Conklin's "Off-Sides" Dots Inlays

Conklin's "Off Sides" Dots Inlays

Custom 8 String Guitar with Multi-Scale (Fanned Frets) and Custom Milled Bridge and Custom Lundgren Pickups

Custom Lundgren Pickups

6 String Guitar with Wooden Pickguard and MIDI

RMC 13-Pin Output and Piezo Saddles

Custom 7 String Guitar with Floyd Rose Tremolo

Floyd Rose Tremolo

Custom 6 String Guitar with Hipshot Xtender Tuner for instant drop tuning of the Low E String

Hipshot Xtender Tuner

Custom Guitar Finishes

Custom Airbrushed Finish

Custom 6 String Guitar with Cellophane Sapphire Blue with Polished Clearcoat

Cellophane Sapphire Blue with Polished Clearcoat

Custom Shop Guitars
Options and Prices

It's in the Details!

     Conklin Guitars is dedicated to creating the ultimate level of instrument. One whose standard features include higher standards…an obsessive attention to detail for those who will not settle for second best or compromise commitment.

     The result of this obsession is Conklin’s extraordinary “Standard Set-up” - a wealth of options available as standard equipment on every custom Conklin Guitar. These include your choice of bodystyle, neck width, scale length and fingerboard radius, standard woods and standard colors, as well as any standard bridge, standard tuning machines and standard pickups. And that’s not all.

Other standard features include:

_ A multi-laminate neck and unified headstock for superior strength, beauty and durability.

_ Your choice of fine Maple, Bubinga, Cocobolo or Purpleheart fingerboard.

_ Chrome, gold or black hardware.

_ An ergonomically designed, carved & contoured body, featuring our exclusive tapered neckheel.

_ A recessed straplock system for worry-free stage movement and low profile strap attachment.

_ A locking input mechanism to prevent accidental cord extraction.

_ Mother-of-Pearl, Abalone or Exotic Wood position markers located on the upper edge of the fingerboard that double as top and side dots allowing easy viewing from any angle.

_ A lightweight “Pro-Pac” case from Pro-Tec Case Company.

_ A limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in custom workmanship for as long as you own your guitar.

And if that’s not enough…a wealth of custom options can be specified.

Base Prices for Guitars:

6 String Guitar - $4200
7 String Guitar - $4600
8 String Guitar - $5000
9 String Guitar - $5400
12 String Guitar - $4600

Options included in the base prices are listed as NC (no charge). Some Options require an additional charge on top of the base price.


Body Style:
Sidewinder – NC
Crossover – NC
Custom Body Style - Contact us for quote


Body Construction:
Bolt On Neck - NC
Neck-Thru-Body - $1600
Hollowbody - $1800

Please note that the Hollowbody construction is only available as a bolt-on neck.

Fret Number:
24 Frets - NC
28 Frets - $300
36 Frets - $500

Please be aware that adding extra frets shortens the treble horn on your instrument to allow access to the higher frets. Which will affect the way the guitar balances when played sitting down.


Scale Length:
24 3/4" - NC
25" - NC
25 1/2" - NC
Multi-Scale / Fanned Frets (22 3/4" - 25 1/2") - $1000
Multi-Scale / Fanned Frets (25" -27 3/4") - $1000

Custom scale lengths are available upon request


Player Orientation:
Right Handed Instrument - NC
Left Handed Instrument - $100


Body Wood:
Alder - NC
Basswood - NC
Butternut - NC
Cherry - NC
Dragonwood - NC
Koa - $200
Mahogany - NC
Maple - NC
Poplar - NC
Spanish Cedar - NC
Swamp Ash - NC
Walnut - NC


Top Wood:
No Top - NC
Birdseye Maple - $400
Burl Maple - $500
Buckeye Burl - $600
Cocobolo - $400
Curly Maple - $400
Figured Bubinga - $500
Figured Cherry - $300
Figured Koa - $600
Figured Purpleheart - $300
Figured Redwood - $500
Figured Walnut - $500
Lacewood - $300
Quilt Maple - $600
Spalted Maple - $500
Wenge - $300
Zebrawood - $300
Ziricote - $500

Melted Top - $1500 (See Note)

If you are ordering a Melted Top, the price quoted is for standard 3 and 5 piece patterns. For a custom Melted Top (Existing special editions or new designs), please contact us with the idea for a quote.


Top/Body Options:
Show neck woods on neck-through-body - NC
Full width top on neck-through-body - $400
Flat top - NC
Carved top - $300
Wood pickguard (specify wood) - $300
3-D relief Carving - Please provide artwork for quote


Neck Woods:
Solid Maple (6 string guitars only) - NC
Maple / Purpleheart (Standard on all 7-9 string guitars) - NC
Maple / Dymondwood - $200
Maple / Bubinga - $200
Maple / Walnut - $200
Maple / Wenge - $200
Wenge / Bubinga - $400
Wenge / Purpleheart - $400
Yellowheart / Purpleheart - $400
Yellowheart / Wenge - $400
Zebrawood / Wenge - $400
Zebrawood / Purpleheart - $400

Add Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Rods to Neck Construction - $100


Birdseye Maple - $300
Bubinga - NC
Cocobolo - NC
East Indian Rosewood - NC
Figured Bubinga - $100
Gabon (Black) Ebony - $200
Macassar Ebony - $100
Pink Ivory (When available) - $400
Purpleheart - NC
Quartersawn Hard Maple - NC
Wenge - NC
Dymondwood - $200

Melted Fingerboard - $800 (See note below)

Exotic Wood Fingerboard Binding (specify wood) - $200

If you are ordering a Melted Fingerboard, the price quoted is for standard 3 and 5 piece patterns. For a custom Melted Fingerboard (Existing special editions or new designs), please contact us with the idea for a quote.


Conklin "off sides" dots - NC
Side dots only (no inlay on front of fingerboard) - NC
Centered and side dots - NC
Custom inlays - We'll require the design, material and location(s) for a quote.


No cap (Show neck woods) - NC
Headstock Cap (match top) - $150
Headstock Cap (match fingerboard) - $150
Melted Headstock Cap - $400

If you are ordering a Melted Headstock Cap, the price quoted is for standard 3 and 5 piece patterns. For a custom Melted Headstock Cap (Existing special editions or new designs), please contact us with the idea for a quote.


Lundgren Pickups (our recommendation) – NC
Seymour Duncan pickups (See note) - NC
DiMarzio pickups (See note) - NC
EMG pickups (See note) - NC

Lundgren pickups are available for all guitars. Please note that DiMarzio pickups are not available for guitars with more than 7 strings. Seymour Duncan "Custom Shop" pickups are available for just about anything, but there may be an additional charge. We will have to know what SD Model you would like to get a quote for you. Bartolini pickups are no longer available.


Active Redeemer circuit - $150
Coil Tap Switch - $30
3-way Switch - $30
5-way Switch - $40

Options for knobs and layout will be discussed at time of order.


Piezos - $70 per saddle/string


MIDI Electronics(requires Piezos):
RMC Polydrive and 13 pin output - $700


Hipshot fixed bridge - NC
ABM Individual bridge/saddles - NC
Tune-o-matic style - NC (Not available for 8 or more strings)
Non-locking tremolo and Sperzel locking tuners - $300
Locking Floyd Rose-style tremolo and Sperzel locking tuners - $400
Kahler Tremolo – Quote on individual basis

On guitars with 8 or more strings and fanned frets you are limited to having 8 individual bridge/saddles at no extra charge or having us hand-mill a custom bridge plate. There is a minimum $800 upcharge for a custom compensated hand-milled bridge.


Gotoh - NC
Hipshot - NC
Schaller - NC
Sperzel - NC
Hipshot Xtender - $100 per string


Hardware Color:
Chrome - NC
Black - NC
Gold - NC
Satin Chrome - NC

All hardware colors are standard (when available).


Hand rubbed oiled finish – NC (Offers minimal protection)
Satin clearcoat over natural wood – NC
Polished clearcoat over natural wood or over stained finishes- $300

See-through Cellophane Stain (only on light colored woods):
- Ruby Red - NC
- Sapphire Blue - NC
- Emerald Green - NC
- Amethyst Purple - NC
- Black-Cherry - $200
- Black-n-Blue - $200
- Black-n-Green - $200
- Black-n-Purple - $200

Basic Opaque colors (Red, White, Black, Blue, Green, Purple) - NC
Sunburst (Yellow, Orange and Red) - $300
Tobacco-burst (Red, Brown and Black) - $300

For custom colors, metallics, custom mixes, candies, metal flakes, custom airbrushing - please contact us with your idea for a quote.


Your guitar will include a lightweight "Pro-Pac" case with Conklin logo - NC

You may substitute one of the following (at the prices indicated) if you wish: (Not all styles will be available for all guitars)

Heavy-duty gig bag (Standard) - NC
Flight case - $450

Some custom body styles and customized instruments may not fit in a standard case. This may require either going with a gig bag (if it will fit) or an upgrade to a flight case.

Current Build Time(as of 1/1/2010):
9-12 Months


Crossover Body Style 8 String Guitar

Crossover Body Style

Neck-Thru-Body 8 String  Guitar with Piezos and RMC 13-pin MIDI


36 Fret Guitar 7 String Guitar

36 Frets

Left-Handed Crossover 8 String Guitar

Left Handed Orientation

Custom 8 String Guitar with Quilted Maple Carved Top

Quilted Maple Top

5 Piece Melted Top 7 String Guitar

5 Piece Melted Top

Flat Top 8 String Guitar with Customized Electronics

Flat Top

Closeup of Conklin's Headstock with Wenge and Purpleheart Laminates

Wenge / Purpleheart Neck

6 String Guitar with Custom Inlays and Floyd Rose Tremolo

Custom Inlays

Custom 8 String Guitars with Quilted Maple Headstock Caps

Quilted Maple
Headstock Caps

Custom 6 String Guitar with EMG Active Pickups and Floyd Rose Tremolo

EMG Pickups

8 String Hollow-Body with Customized Electronics

Customized Electronics

Custom 8 String Guitars with Quilted Maple Top and a Custom Hand Milled Multi-Scale / Fanned Fret Bridge

Custom Milled
Multi-Scale / Fanned Fret

Custom 8 String Guitar with Mixed Black and Chrome Hardware

Black and Chrome Hardware

Custom 7 String Guitar with Cellophane Black-Cherry with Polished Clearcoat

Cellophane Black-Cherry
with Polished Clearcoat

Custom 8 String Guitar with Burl Maple Top with Satin Clearcoat

Burl Maple
with Satin Clearcoat