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Lundgren Guitar Pickups
Lundgren Humbucker Pickups

     All prices include shipping in the continental U.S.A. Currently we only sell the Lundgrens to U.S.A. customers. If you live outside the U.S.A. and are interested in these please contact Lundgren directly at:

     Also some pickups are not kept in stock and may take a couple weeks to get.


     The M model was the first pickup Lundgren designed for Meshuggah’s Fredrik Thordendahl and his 7-string guitars. In jiddish, meshuggah means roughly crazy/mad and we think you´ll fall madly in love with a model M pickup with lots of power and attitude. Fredrik Thordendahl says, This pickup is out of this world. The design is a combination of winding and a ceramic magnet placed under the pickup to give you more of everything and caused many players to give up active pickups. The M model is optimized both for power and clarity. The clarity is very important if you are going to play in lower tunings. With lots of gain on your amp, harmonics is a piece of cake. The powerful high output M model humbucker lets your notes come through even with lots of distortion on your amp. This pickup has lots of low end. The M pickups have 4 lead cables. 1

Lundgren M6 Pickup
$170 - Lundgren M6 Bridge
M6 HiGain
$170 - Lundgren M6 Neck
Lundgren M6 Pickup
$170 - Lundgren M6 Bridge with Cover
M6 HiGain
$170 - Lundgren M6 Neck with Cover
Lundgren M7 Pickup
$190 - Lundgren M7 Bridge
$190 - Lundgren M7 Neck
Lundgren M7 Pickup with Cover

$190 - Lundgren M7 Bridge with Cover

$190 - Lundgren M7 Neck with Cover

Lundgren M8 Pickup

$215 - Lundgren M8 Bridge
Felipe Rodriguez - M-8(Bridge) Demo

$215 - Lundgren M8 Neck
Lundgren M8 Pickup with Cover

$215 - Lundgren M8 Bridge with Cover

$215 - Lundgren M8 Neck with Cover

The One

     An explosive hard rock pickup. Developed for C-J Grimmark. THE ONE is a brand new humbucker from Lundgren. It's unique design offers a rare blend of massive hi-gain and the smoothest lead tones around. It has a low end authority that stays tight to your riffing at all times without blurring. The mids are explosive and hits the amplifier right where in hurts and the highs are smooth as silk. This makes it ideal for both aggressive rhythm playing AND for singing lead notes. This pickup is a great alternative to the M-series if You want a tone a that is slightly more "classic" but with the power of a modern pickup. THE ONE is powered on an Alnico 5 magnet. DC Resistance on Bridge model is approx 15K Ohm. Slighly less on the neck model. Bridge and Neck models available

Lundgren Smooth Operater
$170 - Lundgren The One Bridge
The One
$170 - Lundgren The One Neck
Lundgren M7 Pickup
$190 - Lundgren The One 7 Bridge
$190 - Lundgren The One 7 Neck
Sucker Bucker

     Looking for power, high output and tone? You’ve come to the right place. A humbucker designed for the bridge position and the notes is virtually sucked from the strings. Excellent for sustain and high-powered lead playing. Comes with a fourconductorcable for options to use in or out of phase, in series, in parallel or as a single coil pickup. Excellent chord sounds when used in parallel. 1

Lundgren Sucker Bucker
$170 - Lundgren Sucker Bucker Bridge
     Sucker bucker
Lundgren M7 Pickup
$190 - Lundgren Sucker Bucker 7 Bridge
Smooth Operator

      Smooth Operator is a humbucker with a true vintage character. This pickup has medium output, the treble is warmer compared with the standard vintage model. The midrange is full and literally dripping of tone ready to jump into your amp. The Smooth Operator is built around an Alnico 2 magnet of the vintage correct " PAF-length" of 63,5 mm. Since Alnico 2 has a softer magnetic field than the more frequently used Alnico 5, it lets your strings vibrate more freely and you will get more sustain. It is wound with the dark brown Plain Enamel wire for right sound and look. (Not shown in picture) The overall tone is smoother with less sharp edges and your instruments natural wooden tone shines through. This pickup has been made for some of my most demanding customers for some time. Now it can be made for you as bridge or neck model, or as a calibrated set of two. 1

Lundgren Smooth Operater
$170 - Lundgren Smooth Operator Bridge
Smooth Operator Bridge
$170 - Lundgren Smooth Operator Neck
     Smooth Operator Neck
Lundgren M7 Pickup
$190 - Lundgren Smooth Operator 7 Bridge
$190 - Lundgren Smooth Operator 7 Neck

         A humbucking pickup with an Alnico 5 magnet, especially wound for a strong and powerful sound with a singing sustain. This pickup has good treble response. Suitable for everything from clean sounds to screaming distortion.

     The Vintage Neck model is Lundgren's most popular humbucker for the neck position. It is powered by a Alnico 5 magnet. 1

Lundgren Vintage Humbucker Pickup
$170 - Lundgren Vintage Bridge
Vintage Bridge
$170 - Lundgren Vintage Neck
Vintage Neck
Lundgren M7 Pickup
$190 - Lundgren Vintage 7 Bridge
$190 - Lundgren Vintage 7 Neck
Heaven 57

     Heaven 57® P.A.F. Sound. Lundgren built this pickup with all the right features. They had some great P.A.F.s from the late 50s to compare with. Wound with plain enamel wire. They put much work into the details with 5-40 pole screws, wooden spacer beneath the bobbin and a base plate of nickel-silver. Maybe the biggest impact on this pickups sound is Lundgren’s special alnico magnet which contributes to this pickups pleasant wooden character.

     This nice aged cover is sold separately for the Heaven 57 neck or bridge. Spacing 49,2 mm.

Lundgren Heaven 57
$170 - Lundgren Heaven 57 Bridge
Heaven 57 Bridge   Heaven 57 Blues
$170 - Lundgren Heaven 57 Neck
Heaven 57 Neck
Lundgren M7 Pickup
$190 - Lundgren Heaven 57 7 Bridge
$190 - Lundgren Heaven 57 7 Neck
Lundgren Heaven 57 with Cover

$180 - Lundgren Heaven 57 Bridge
With Cover   LH57BC

$180 - Lundgren Heaven 57 Neck
With Cover   LH57NC