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Lundgren Guitar Pickups
Lundgren P-90 Pickups

       All prices include shipping in the continental U.S.A. Currently we only sell the Lundgrens to U.S.A. customers. If you live outside the U.S.A. and are interested in these please contact Lundgren directly at:

     Also some pickups are not kept in stock and may take a couple weeks to get.

Vintage Soapbar

     A pickup design and construction with unique sound characteristics. Many musicians/guitar players rank this the best sounding pick up ever. With distinct low end and sweet fat highs. A pick up for rock, jazz and blues with two high quality Alnico 5 magnets. Used by both professionals and amateurs. Black cover.

     The neck partner matched to the sound of the bridge model. It has slightly less windings to compensate for the increased string vibration in the neck position. The pickup’s polarity is reversed – a feature in all of our P-90 models so you do not get any hum usually associated with single coils. Alnico 5 magnets for a bright strong sound.

Lundgren P-90 Vintage Pickup
$123 - Lundgren P-90 Vintage Bridge
P-90 Vintage Bridge
$123 - Lundgren P-90 Vintage Neck
P-90 Vintage Neck

     Revolver is a P-90 singlecoil in a Humbucker size and shape housing.

Lundgren P-90 Revolver Pickup
$190 - Lundgren Revolver Bridge
Revolver Bridge
$190 - Lundgren Revolver Neck
Revolver Neck
Telecaster P-90

     A pickup created for every pro that would like a P-90 sound from their Telecaster. The construction differs from a normal Telecaster pickup in several ways. Metal poles are used as the pickup core. The magnets are placed under the pickup and more windings on the pickup coil give it a very powerful signal – it is a real rocker. Like the name suggests it is bordering on the classic P-90 sound with lots of mids and attitude.

     With the recent success of Lundgren's P-90 bridge pickup, they had to design a neck pickup that worked well together. Like its companion the model differs considerably from normal Telecaster pickups with metal poles and the magnets are placed under the pickup coil and more windings on the coil give it a very powerful sound– it is a real rocker. Like the name suggests it is bordering on the classic P-90 sound with lots of mids and attitude. The picture shows a vintage neck. The P-90 neck is sold without cover, for a more open sound.

Lundgren P-90 Tele Bridge Pickup
$123 - Lundgren Tele P-90 Bridge
   Tele P-90 Bridge
Lundgren P-90 Tele Neck Pickup
$123 - Lundgren Tele P-90 Neck
   Tele P-90 Neck
Stratocaster P-90
     This pickup was born after our customers liked the succes of our Tele-90. The construction differ from the other Strat models in many ways. It has poles of iron and the magnets are placed under the coil. This together with the winding makes the output much higher than a standard strat® pickup. Avalible in calibrated sets. The bridge pickup is wound with more turns of copperwire to compansate for less stringmovement in the bridge position. This will make the bridge pickup sound fuller. A calibrated set will make it easier to use all three pickups. As the name of this pickup describes the sound from it is a bit like the P-90. A rich middle with authority. Can be used as a bridge pickup or as a complete set.

$102 - Lundgren Strat P-90

LP90S     Strat P-90