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Lundgren Guitar Pickups
Lundgren Stratocaster Pickups

       All prices include shipping in the continental U.S.A. Currently we only sell the Lundgrens to U.S.A. customers. If you live outside the U.S.A. and are interested in these please contact Lundgren directly at:

     Also some pickups are not kept in stock and may take a couple weeks to get.

50s Formvar

     This is Lundgren’s most popular Strat model. When they started 17 years ago the strat pickup was one of the first models in their line. This pickup is wound with a double insulated magnet wire. The insulation is called Formvar. This is the same wire that a big company used in the golden years 1954-1964. There is no better vintage pickup than this one.

     The Forvar Set is 3 pickup set of 6.0 for neck and middle positions with a 6.6 in the bridge position. 1

Lundgren 50s Formvar Strat pickup
$102 - Lundgren 50s Formvar 6.0
 50s Formvar 3-way switch
$102 - Lundgren 50s Formvar 6.6
50s Formvar 5-way switch
$260 - Lundgren 50s Formvar Set
60s Vintage

     The classic sound of this vintage style guitar pickup is clean and punchy with clear transparent highs. The attack is pronounced. It has got excellent string separation. The '60s Vintage is even excellent for distorted sound. The pickup construction is all traditional - Alnico magnets, beveled by hand, fiber plate bobbins, cloth covered cable and wound with the correct thin 0,063 mm copper wire. Get the classic sound of a 60's Stratocaster today. Some customers choose '60s vintage in the neck and middle position and a Hot in the bridge.

Lundgren 60s Vintage Strat Pickup
$102 - Lundgren 60s Vintage
 60s Vintage
$260 - Lundgren 60s Vintage Set
$260 - 60s Vintage + Hot Bridge Set

     A pickup designed primarily for the bridge position since many players find the standard sound is too thin and edgy. The Hot pickup has more punch in the middle registry and the lows with a slightly less top end. Used in the bridge position it is a perfect combination with two '60s Vintage single coils. The Hot and the 60's model use the same magnet but Hot features more windings for circa 20% more powerful bridge position sound.

Lundgren Hot Strat Pickup
$102 - Lundgren Hot

        A single coil pickup based on the '60s vintage, with a slightly higher output and a fatter blues sound - a Stratocaster pickup for the blues.

Lundgren Blues Strat Pickup
$102 - Lundgren Blues
$260 - Lundgren Blues Set
     This pickup was born after our customers liked the succes of our Tele-90. The construction differ from the other Strat models in many ways. It has poles of iron and the magnets are placed under the coil. This together with the winding makes the output much higher than a standard strat® pickup. Avalible in calibrated sets. The bridge pickup is wound with more turns of copperwire to compansate for less stringmovement in the bridge position. This will make the bridge pickup sound fuller. A calibrated set will make it easier to use all three pickups. As the name of this pickup describes the sound from it is a bit like the P-90. A rich middle with authority. Can be used as a bridge pickup or as a complete set.
$102 - Lundgren Strat P-90
$260 - Lundgren Strat P-90 Set