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Lundgren Guitar Pickups
Lundgren Telecaster Pickups

       All prices include shipping in the continental U.S.A. Currently we only sell the Lundgrens to U.S.A. customers. If you live outside the U.S.A. and are interested in these please contact Lundgren directly at:

     Also some pickups are not kept in stock and may take a couple weeks to get.


     Much of the sound characteristics of the Telecaster bridge pickup come from the steel plate under the bobbin which functions as a metal reflector. To avoid feedback - that can occur when the metal plate vibrates – Lundgren waxes the pickup after the plate is mounted.

     The 6.4 is a bridge pickup for every player who wants that sound with a bite.

     The 7.3 model based on the Telecaster Vintage Bridge 6,4 K Ohm model (above) with more windings of copper wire. The sound characteristics are less treble with more output.

     The Telecaster Vintage Neck is used by some of the greatest rock artists. This small sound scoundrel has Alnico 5 magnets, bobbins made from fiber plate and all wound with a thinner AWG 43 copper wire. The standard model comes without a chrome cover for a more open sound. The magnetic polarity is reversed for use together with bridge pickup so you don’t get any hum usually associated with single coils. The neck pickup is also available with a chrome cover.

Lundgren Tele Vintage Bridge Pickup
$123 - Lundgren Vintage 6.4 Tele Bridge
 Vintage 6.4 Bridge
order Lundgren Vintage 7.3 Tele Bridge
$123 - Lundgren Vintage 7.3 Tele Bridge
Vintage 7.3 Bridge
Lundgren Tele Vintage Neck with Cover
$123 - Lundgren Vintage Tele Neck
No Cover     LVTN   
Vintage Neck

$133 - Lundgren Vintage Tele Neck
With Cover     LVTNC


     A pickup wound with a the same thinner copper wire as the Broadcaster model. This model has 20% more turns of copperwire than our Broadcaster model. The mids are more pronounced compared to the vintage model with less treble. The Hot Bridge in the bridge position together with a Vintage pickup in the neck position is a dream team/combination.

Lundgren Tele Hot Bridge Pickup
$123 - Lundgren Hot Tele Bridge
Hot Bridge

     This pickup is based on a Pickup from 1952. Lundgren has copied a real 1952 Telecaster/Broadcaster. They have used the same type of magnets and the same magnet wire, brown plain enamel. The result is surprisingly alike. The magnets are postwar without cobalt, Alni 3. They use thicker magnets exactly like they were in 1950-1954. They have a larger amount of iron which increases the inductance which gives a punchier middle. It has enough twang but it’s not as sharp as many modern teles. It has a woody professional sound. The DC resistance is approx. 6.6 K. This is Lundgren’s new favorite model. (The picture shows a Vintage 7.3 with polysol wire.)

     The Vertigo Neck pickup is perfect for matching with the Vertigo Bridge among others. This pickup has Alnico 5 magnets which is good to keep the treble up when used with cover. We use highest quality nickel-silver cover which lets almost all the tone come through. Wound with brown plain enamel wire. (picture shows a vintage neck with poly wire.)

Lundgren Tele Vertigo Bridge Pickup
$123 - Lundgren Vertigo Tele Bridge
Lundgren Vertigo Tele Neck Pickup with Cover
$123 - Lundgren Vertigo Tele Neck
No Cover     LVRTN
$133 - Lundgren Vertigo Tele Neck
With Cover     LVRTNC

     A pickup created for every pro that would like a P-90 sound from their Telecaster. The construction differs from a normal Telecaster pickup in several ways. Metal poles are used as the pickup core. The magnets are placed under the pickup and more windings on the pickup coil give it a very powerful signal – it is a real rocker. Like the name suggests it is bordering on the classic P-90 sound with lots of mids and attitude.

     With the recent success of Lundgren's P-90 bridge pickup, they had to design a neck pickup that worked well together. Like its companion the model differs considerably from normal Telecaster pickups with metal poles and the magnets are placed under the pickup coil and more windings on the coil give it a very powerful sound– it is a real rocker. Like the name suggests it is bordering on the classic P-90 sound with lots of mids and attitude. The picture shows a vintage neck. The P-90 neck is sold without cover, for a more open sound.

Lundgren P-90 Tele Bridge Pickup
$123 - Lundgren Tele P-90 Bridge
   P-90 Bridge
Lundgren P-90 Tele Neck Pickup
$123 - Lundgren Tele P-90 Neck
   P-90 Neck